Zandra  Stratford  is  a  West  Coast  abstract  painter  whose  work  is continually evolving. Her pieces lay a foundation of earthy neutrals, laying strata after strata of floral colours as a counterpoint to industrial textures, and this overlaid with confident horizontal structures.

Employing a kind of subconscious semiotic, she works in muted tones punctuated by semi-symbols, almost recognizable repeating characters as though conveying a disrupted signal, or dream-remembered language.

Preferring large canvases and panoramic birch panels, she uses gradual iterations of monochrome, encircling strong statements of negative space, like a treeline emerging from fog.

Stratford studied printmaking at the Victoria College of Art, after more than a decade’s experience as an advertising Art Director. This informs her work’s cadence, graphic sensibility and declarative confidence.


My work is a conversation between stimulus and impetus.

As an art director for various advertising agencies, I compulsively collected a variety of visual stimuli – typefaces, textures, images - awaiting external impetus, usually in the form of a client or creative brief. In the transition between applied arts and fine arts, however, that impetus moves to the internal, my own creative impulse and intuition. The body of work is extremely symbolic, communicative, and narrative, while retaining the authenticity of experimental curiosity and exploration of form and media.