shortlisted for the ra summer exhibition!

Hi friends-

As many of you already know, my work Gorgeous Filth 01 has been shortlisted for the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. This is the oldest and largest open call in the world with 12,000 submissions. I've made the first cut, and now I need to deliver my work to the RA to be juried in person.

Originally I was just going to arrange shipping, but then I got contacted by the BBC and they want to feature me as one of the shortlisted artists in their annual documentary about the show. So now I'm going to London to deliver my piece in just 3 weeks and be interviewed by the BBC at the RA on drop-off day.

This is pretty kooky as there are still 2 more rounds of jurying before 700-850 pieces are selected for the summer show. It is a long shot, but if the painting is selected for the exhibit I will need to return to London in June and possibly again-again in August.

In an effort to raise some funds to cover expenses I am auctioning off one painting “I Know You. Come Here. Sit Over Here.”

This is a pivotal piece in my trajectory as an artist, and was the lightening rod for the work that I am doing now. 

The bidding will start at $1300 CDN (1/2 of the asking price of $2600) and will run until the end of April.

On the suggestion from dear friends, I'm also highlighting some smaller works of mine that would further help me cover my expenses, so if you've had your eye on a small piece now could be a great time. The art in the gallery here are all 12" x 12" and offered at $450 CDN (+shipping) when you click through the images below it will directly link to the BUY NOW option.

And finally, it was also suggested that I include a PayPal donation button. If you would like to throw some support my way you would have my undying gratitude. Our PayPal account is in Jordan's name so please don't be alarmed, it's legit (also there is a photo of our dog Hera as the profile pic.) There is also a donation button within the auction website.

Thank You,
Zandra xo