The Shitty Art Blog


Impulse Control = Zero. *When you haven’t quite fully actualized a plan but decide to jump on it and you’ll figure it out later.

This seems to be my credo.

I started an experiment on my facebook page to ask people to share their shitty art to see what would happen. At first most of the sharers were not visual artists, it seemed easier for them to share something maybe because they don’t have an emotional investment to it?

Lots of things happened. The most obvious one is that your shitty art is not shitty to everyone. I was really hoping people would share some real stinkers but no one did. I didn’t even get around to sharing my shitty art yet because it’s all either hidden in my studio closet and I’m too lazy to walk all the way downstairs, or is just in the state of *temporary shittyness* while I figure it out. We all have those.

A friend (hi Heather!) suggested publishing a book of shitty art which led me to thinking a shitty art blog would be the best distraction because I really haven’t got enough to do. The basic idea so far is to invite people to share their shitty art and to answer a few questions about it, but who knows maybe it will just be another domain pointing to my own website if this fizzles out. The google searches alone leading back to my own site is, well, a choice.  is where you can sign up to find out more about this potentially awesome/potentially stupid idea.