Private View Thursday, September 5 from 6-9PM


Hello London! I am finally feeling like a functioning human after a nasty spell of jet lag which involved falling asleep on the tube and almost missing my stop twice. I don’t tend to ease into things slowly so things have been fairly full-on days of packing in as much as I can everyday. I like to go hard or not bother. :)

I did try to make a few updates but found that my fingers were completely unable to type and keep up with my brain, now that I’ve have an excellent night’s sleep all my synapses are firing again.

Besides doing all the art related things one does while in London, I got treated to a most excellent performance of As You Like It at The Globe (huge understatement! I’ve never seen anything quite like that before, it was life affirming and wonderful) I’ve visited the gallery and I am absolutely thrilled and feeling so lucky to be able to share this new body of work with you in this amazing space. If you are in London, please come to the PV! I would so love to see you. I’d love to have a great turnout, so if you know anyone in the area that may like to come, PLEASE do forward this invitation on to them.

Or you can check out all the details on the gallery site to request a catalogue, or my own site with some more details including a forward by Claire Meadows.


A gallery of the paintings in situ.

Install day is the 4th and I’ve still got a London to do and see. Some highlights so far have been the Lee Krasner retrospective at the Barbican, and the Globe. I guess I’ve only really had 2 full days of mooching around so far so this list is a little thing, but today I will venture forth and see where the day takes me, and also plan on what morning I’m going to queue up to try to get a standing ticket to Fleabag!! I missed out on the ticket lottery and thought that was it, but then saw the standing ticket option… I’m not a fan of waiting in long lines but damn it, this would be bloody worth it to see PWB on stage. Fingers crossed!

More soon, probably! xx