recovering art director

Before I had a dedicated artist practice, I was an Art Director for various ad agencies around the world.

I still love the work of visual problem-solving, and if I’m being honest, I need a job that supports not only my family but my art career as well. 

I wanted to find a way that I could do the kind of work that I love with my people. I know lots of artists need help in looking their best to attract the attention of galleries, curators and buyers. It can be overwhelming when you need to have all the things together in order to approach a gallery, submit to calls, and feel good about putting your work out there. 

My job is to take all that and make it easier for you.

I’ve worked with artists, musicians, and writers all over the world. I understand creative stories, I know markets, I know how to steer the right signal to the right audience for the right response.

Because I am committed to my art practice, I have limited space with how many clients I can take on each month – so if you have a deadline approaching for a show or some press or an application, please get in touch sooner rather than later and we can talk about your needs and sort out how we can work together.




I build very clean minimalist websites for artists using Squarespace. I believe the design should take a step back and let your work be the feature. Overbuilt and clever websites are boring and I don’t think you should make anyone have to work to find out more about you, how to get in touch, and most importantly how to see your art. 

I encourage everyone to have a social media presence and I can help you get set up. (You have an instagram account right? Every artist needs an instagram account!)

If you’d like to see more examples of my work I can send you directly to some sites that I’ve had something to do with. 

Mostly I want to hear from you and understand the story of your art. Tell me about who responds to it, and what you need from that audience. Then we’ll make a plan to convey that through word and image and design, so that in the end all that’s left is how the viewer feels about the work, and what they’re going to do with that feeling. 

Let’s make this happen together.


Click on the image to embiggen the brand story example.

One of the clients I am currently working with is Artist and Creativity Coach Cheryl Taves. We’ve just launched Cheryl’s Artist website and her Coaching website. This was an exciting project as we wanted to make sure that her two brands worked well together. The fonts are from the same family and the colours draw from the same palette – everything is cohesive and polished. 

My little design-nerd-brain is happy when everything clicks together, looks so damn good, and my clients feel excited and confident about sharing their work.





A 12-page digital lookbook of available works that you can send out to prospective galleries. Includes a cover image, 10 portfolio images with descriptions and your bio. You’ll get a web-ready pdf that you can easily send out and a high-res version that you can have printed and drop off in person.


5-page basic Squarespace website. These can be any 5 pages you like but these are generally the categories most chosen.

- Landing page
- Portfolio (up to 20 images per page)
- CV
- Bio
- Artist Statement
- Featured Projects
- Blog
- Contact

I will also help you connect your social media accounts to the site and nag/help you get a mailing list up and running. We’ll work together to make you a site you can be proud of.


Choosing fonts and colours that represent you and your work, creating a wordmark for your brand, business card, and postcard design.


Crafting your artist statement, creating your professional bio in 3 sizes 75 words, 150 words, 300 words for easy sharing with media, curators and galleries. I myself am not a great writer but I have a fantastic network of writers that I work with who can help with artist statements and bios. We all have our gifts right?


All of the above starting with your brand story, Squarespace website design, artist statements and bios, and lookbook.


It’s completely reasonable to look at these options and think “I’m not ready.” I understand that, and I can help.

We’ll work together over a set period two weeks, six weeks, whatever you need, to walk all the around your brand and how it articulates your career *right now* and in the coming months and years. Together we’ll identify your existing strengths and resources, and innovate ways to make up for what’s missing. The outcome of this is a point by point action plan for you to present and deliver on your creative trajectory.




Zandra Stratford began her career as a graphic designer and advertising Art Director in 1999, working internationally with clients such as NASA, The US Air National Guard, the United Nations, and Yahoo! Brasil. Her work extends to interactive media for both web and mobile, as well as print collateral, identity, packaging and display.

She brings her fine-art colour sense to communications spaces and favours bold, elegant, and timeless typography. Her strategy is always to make the client’s work “backlit” by the supporting assets, instilling confidence and a call to action in the viewer.



I have limited space with how many clients I can take on each month – so if you have a deadline approaching for a show or some press or an application, please get in touch sooner rather than later and we can talk about your needs and sort out how we’ll work together.

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I have also started a Facebook page where I will share tips and resources, offers and to book my time.