artist statement


I’m an urban person who, until quite recently, lived on a rural tiny artist-colony island, and yet what snags my attention as an artist is the crunch and grit of urban spaces – rust and concrete and all the structures which support human stories, and in a way end up telling them. So as I travel I collect references that speak to that accumulation of layers; graffiti painted over and showing through, flyers, the abrasion and interaction that always reveals as it removes and contributes. Slowly a narrative arises out of friction and contact, and I try to do that in my work.

As a modernist I juxtapose pastel colours combined with the gorgeous filth of texture, and old found collage materials, so the result is something that is aged yet contemporary.

Increasingly I’ve been working on larger pieces needing large spaces, and space to back up and observe them. That implies a prescience about display space and architecture which has a lot to do with managing negative space in 3 dimensions. Again it’s part of the discussion of how systems like buildings or streetscapes tell stories about people and fleeting interactions, and lets me stay with those stories for a while.



I am represented by After Nyne Gallery in London, UK.